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SIICP proudly launches second SMILES clinic at Queen's Road, Bangalore on 10th April 2019. SMILES is now accessible to more than 5 million people. ...

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Colonoscopy is a test that allows your doctor to look at the inner lining of your large intestine ....

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Want to smooth stomach ulcers? You may be best off forgoing coffee until the situation has improved. ...

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Health: Toxins absorbed in the body will eventually find their way to the colon. Therefore colon cleansing is very important.......

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Never ignore Bleeding Piles Piles, also called as Haemorrhoids is a terribly annoying disease which can be categorized as a nightmare. Read more.....

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Right food is the best preventive care any one can take. It is true to reduce the risk of colon cancer too. Visit SIICP for Colon Cancer treatment....

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HAL-RAR is the most popular, painless and effective hemorrhoids treatment in bengaluru that significantly reduces the risk of piles....




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